Adult Woollen shoe - Adult Wollen boot

Felt and wool shoes for adults in 100% pure natural wool that still contains the natural lanolin

We use 100% pure natural raw materials, and our wool still contain the natural lanolin which makes them best wearing in bare feet.

Information about Betterfelts woolen shoes

Upper Material: Pure 100% natural felted wool, that still contains lanolin. Please note that all the shoe including the bottom is felted in one piece.

Sole Material: Split calf hide or natural rubber. (Natural rubber dissolve in oil based solvents like gazoline, diesel etc.)

Chemicals: All our products are manufactured from natural raw materials without harmful additives, and they all comply to both EU and US legislation (REACH).

Washing: Our woolen shoes can be washed (carefully and at your own risk) by hand at max 30°C. Use a hair shampoo or wool shampoo. Dry the shoes on a towel turning the soles upward. Wool will start felting (shrink) when massaged in hot water. Avoid therefor to rub your slippers during washing.

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Betterfelt Daisy Woolen House Boot for Men and Women, Dark Blue-20
Betterfelt Daisy Woolen House Boot for Men and Women, Dark Blue-00
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