100% Natural Wool

You have never felt better!

  • Self Cleansing

    The wool fibre is covered in
    alkaline salts and fat (lanolin)
    before it leaves the sheep's skin follicle.
    This forms a perfect coating that protects
    the fibre against dirt, odor, sun raind and wind

  • Shock-absorbing

    Double felted sole and flexible
    rubber- inlay in the heel for all adults sizes,
    provides superior comfort for walking.

  • Easy to maintain

    If your shoes get dirty, just beat out
    dust and dry dirt. Or - simply was them hand by hand.

  • Meet the maker

    You can actually see exactly how has
    made your shoes. Every pair is signed
    with a tag, you can trace online.

  • 100% Natural Wool

    Collected locally, washed with organic soap and still
    containing lanolin. Natures own
    substainable solution for skin wear

  • No blisters!

    The shoe is felted in one piece of soft wool.
    The only stich is for fixing the sole,
    and this is hidden deep into the felt.

We were from the beginning concerned about creating a company which,
embraced the whole value chain, and which could give a fair outcome to all employees.
we are not saints, and we don’t do it to save The World. But, we are
convinced that it simply pays off to behave well when doing business.

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All products are made by hand, and that gives us a very flexible production.
On the other hand it also gives us some challenges. In example we
can’t manufacture as uniform as machines can. Neither can we
turn up the volume of the machines, when demand is exploding.

Woollen Boots - Woollen Shoes - Wool Slippers and Loafers from Betterfelt.co.uk
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When you receive your products from Betterfelt, you will find a small
embodied tag on it. This is our artisans personal signature,
that vouch for the quality and make you
able to meet her beneath this text:
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