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100% pure wool

Read about the advantages of wool...

  • Meet The Maker

    You can actually see who made your shoes
    Track her by her individual tag here!

  • Light weight and strong

    When you wear them every day,
    they must be hard wearing.
    Wool is one of the strongest fibers we know...

  • 100% sustainable wool

    Collected locally, washed in organic soap
    containing lanolin.
    Natures own organic ”clothes”.

  • Self cleansing

    Every wool fiber is covered in natural lanolin.
    The perfect protection against rain, dirt and odor.

  • Best in bare feet

    Wool will regulate the temperature of your feet.
    It will absorb moisture, and the natural
    lanolin will prevent bad smells.

  • Easy to maintain

    Should your shoes get dirty, you will usually
    be able to beat the dirt out of them.
    Or, simply wash them!

Certified Fair Trade

As part of being certified Fair Trade, Betterfelt pays a fair wage and provides a good working environment. 

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Danish design Handmade in Nepal

All our products have a timeless design and are handmade by talented artisans in Nepal.

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Meet the artisan who made your product

When you receive your product(s) from Betterfelt, you will find a stitch 
or set of stitches on it. This pattern is our artisan's personal signature 
that allows you to see who made your product:
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