How do I find the right size?

Finding the right size is straightforward. We recommend measuring the length of your longest foot and then consulting our size guide.

All our models are unisex and so a medium width. So if you have a wide foot and you are close to the maximum length of a size we recommend going up a size and if you have a very narrow foot and are on the border of a size we recommend staying with the smaller size.

E.g. if your foot measure is 27 cm the size guide would tell you to go with a size 43 (maximum length is 27.3 cm). However, if you have a wide foot, we recommend going with a size 44 in this situation.

Please spend a few minutes to find the right size. It is so much nicer to receive the right size the first time and do not hesitate to contact us at info@betterfelt.com if you have any questions about sizing.

Are they true to size?

Please see the answer to “How do I find the right size”.

I have narrow feet. Will Betterfelt slippers fit me?

All of our models are unisex and so a medium width. If you have a narrow foot you will not get a tight fit which based on the feedback we have received is not a problem. Since all of our slipper models are soft it is not a problem if there is a little space – it just helps with keeping your feet warm.

Please also see the answer to “How do I find the right size?"

Are there any duties when I buy online and ship to the UK?

No, your order is shipped from the UK.

Are any of the colors undyed?

Yes, the grey, brown and white colors are 100% natural colors.

How long do Betterfelt slippers last?

It really depends on how much you use them and how you use them – are you very active or do you sit a lot.

We have customers who come back to buy a new pair after a year, we have customers who come back after five years to buy a new pair (and yes, they have used them regularly for the five years), and we have many customers who fall somewhere in between.

If you use them every day from morning till evening, which a lot of people have done during 2020 and 2021, they will be worn out faster just as a pair of outdoor shoes would if you only had one pair and used them every day.

Do the slippers shed?

Yes, the slippers shed, which is normal for felted products. Particularly, in the first few weeks they will shed some wool and you can just remove the loose wool and throw it away. This shedding process is normal and will not continue though the length of time will vary from person to person.

What are the pros and cons of the suede leather sole vs. natural rubber soles?

The suede leather sole is our original sole and is soft and flexible but should be kept dry.

The natural rubber sole can do everything that the leather sole can do but is a little more versatile. The rubber sole has a little more grip than the leather sole and it can get wet.

This makes the rubber sole perfect whether you want to use it indoors and/or outdoors.

How do I care for my Betterfelt slippers?

Please see the care and maintenance instructions.

Can I buy Betterfelt slippers on Amazon?

No. In the UK, Betterfelt products are exclusively sold through our own website – www.betterfelt.co.uk.