Meet The Artisans



One of the artisans below has felted your product…

When you receive your products from Betterfelt, you will find a small embroidered signature on it. This is our artisans personal signature, that allows you to see who made your shoes:

Betterfelt is a certified Fair Trade Importer.

From the beginning it has been important to provide a good working environment for our employees as well as a fair salary.

Our artisans (almost all female) earn a salary equivalent to a male skilled worker or public teacher i Kathmandu. They get 34 paid holidays and an extra month of salary during their festivals in the autumn. As well, they get 10% on top of their salary that is put into a pension and the right to 30 days paid maternity leave.

As the challenges in Nepal are greater than in our part of the world, we pay for the education of our employees' children with all employees receiving a cash grant for each child equivalent to the cost of public school.

Betterfelt Shoe Signature