Slip-on Boot with low shaft around the ankle. Soft, light and warm unisex woollen slipper that will keep your feet warm and dry; year round. Slippers from Betterfelt is available in a wide range of colors and sizes at fair prices. All felted by hand of 100% pure natural wool.

Wool- shoes, slippers, loafers or wool boots which are all Danish Design and all felted by hand at our own workshop in Kathmandu. We are certified FairTrade importer, which should make everybody feel better. 

1 pair of shoes = half a days work in Nepal.

We use pure natural raw materials only. Thus our felted footwear for men and women are all made from 100% pure wool, which still contain the natural lanolin. That’s why the best way to wear our footwear is on your bare feet. 

The lanolin protects against dirt and odor.

The natural lanolin will protect each fiber against dirt and odor, but should your wool shoes get dirty anyway, you will probably e able to simply knock the dirt out of them, or clean with a moist cloth. Otherwise they are actually washable by hand.

A lot of our customers declare themself addicted to our woollen house shoes. Now you are warned! You will probably wear them every day, and that’s why its important that they are as hard wearing, as they actually are.

Our woollen shoes are available in several colors and in all sizes from 35 - 49 EU (2.5 Women to 14.5 Men)

Information about Betterfelts woollen boots:

Upper material: 100% Pure natural hand felted wool, still containing lanolin. Please note that the whole shoe is felted in one piece including the bottom inner sole.

Sole Material: Split calf hide or natural rubber. (Natural rubber does not tolerate carbon based solvents, like gasoline, diesel etc.)

Chemicals: All our products are made from natural raw materials without harmful additives, and naturally they all comply with our European customer protection and legislation. (REACH)

Washing: Our woollen shoes can be washed (Carefully and on your own risk). Wash them by hand at max. 30°C. Use a special wool shampoo or hairshampoo. Dry the shoes on a towel turning the soles upward. Wool is felting and shrinking when it is rubbed in warm water. Avoid rubbing your woollen slippers when washing.

Betterfelt is offering a wide sustainable range in wool slippers - wool shoes - wool boots - woollen home shoes - woollen loafers - felt shoes - felt slippers - boiled wool shoes - Boiled wool slippers in pure wool for men and women at fair prices. - You have never felt better!

Slipper for men and women, Low Cut Woollen Felted Boot - Size 2.5 women - 14.5 men - Black

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